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Federal Pell Grant Eligibility Criteria

Many would-be students are wondering how they can afford to attend college these days. And the fact is that without student loans and grants, it would be almost impossible for the average person. Not everyone has a hundred thousand dollars saved up in advance to pay for a high quality education.

However, don’t let that stop you from pursuing your goal to earn a college … Read the rest


Funding is often a problem for any business start-up, but small business grants and loans for women are available, and in greater abundance than some realize.

The key is to have patience and perseverance through the application and approval process, and to know the facts about getting grant and loan money.

The TRUTH about Small Business Grants for Women: The federal government does not give grants directly to individuals

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Are there legitimate women’s business grants available? Women business owners in need of funding and capital to start or expand a business venture have a confusing amount of sources to consider.

FACT: Federal government grants for specific individuals and specific business ventures DO NOT EXIST, contrary to many false things that are repeated on tv, radio and on the Internet.

However, the federal government DOES have some excellent loan programs Read the rest


US Corporations are excellent places to find corporate scholarship money. The key is finding obscure scholarship programs that few people are aware of, so that your chances of getting the scholarship are greatly improved.

Here is a short list of 5 scholarship opportunities, including a massage school that offers scholarships to returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and scholarships for women aviators.

1.  Women in Corporate Aviation Scholarship


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Are you a woman age 50 or older who believes that her chance to get a college degree has passed her by and there are no college grants for women over 50? Would you go to college if you knew you could receive financial aid to help you pay for it? This article sets out to show you that college grants for women over 50 are available right now, … Read the rest


College grants for women in Texas are the most sought after types of financial aid for higher education. A college education has become more necessary than ever before in order to be prepared for the drastic changes in today’s work force.

The increased need for education has proportionately increased costs in education. Collegeboard.com reports that 75% of all college students receive financial aid of one kind or another.

If you … Read the rest