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Business Grant Money for Women

Women entrepreneurs represent over half of the yearly business startups in the US and own roughly one third of all businesses in the United States. If you are looking to start a business, or significantly expand your existing small business, you have probably heard about business grant money for women.

The truth is, the federal government does not issue grant money to individuals for starting or expanding a business. You may have heard something different, on radio or television, but the federal government does not do this.  They DO, however, provide grants to states and local municipalities for specific needs, infrastructure improvements, repairs and other community-based items.

So while you cannot get a grant for your business per se, you could bid on government contracts for carrying out the work that is needed in one or more of these programs.  If you are successful in securing a contract, you may then want to find financing to help with increased payroll and materials. The federal government does have several loan programs that would benefit women-owned businesses.

Visit Business.gov and you can use a specialized search page to find loan programs specific to your unique situation. The SBA has a MicroLoan program for very small startup loans.  The SBA also has the basic 7-a loan program, as well as the Community Express pilot program for small business loans.

These are just a few of the many loan options that you can find at Business.gov.


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