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Business Grants for Minority Women

Grants for Minority Women Businesses

Did you know that approximately one of every three businesses in the US are owned by women? If you are a minority woman, looking for business start up capital or startup funding sources, here are some resources to guide you in your search.

business grants for minority womenAre there federal business grants for minority women?  Well, yes and no.  While there are grants aimed to specifically help women with startups and business expansion, there are not federal grants specifically set aside for ‘minority women businesses’.  These types of grants, based on additional factors such as income and locality, can be found through private foundations and non-profit organizations.

If you do wish to apply for federal loan money, aimed at women entrepreneurs, it may be best to first learn about contract opportunities at WomenBiz.gov.  If you are willing to be flexible, you can increase your funding opportunities by bidding for contracts on specific federal government needs. For example, workforce training or certain capital improvement projects for public schools or public buildings.

Business Grants for Minority Women


From Business.gov…

Federal and state government agencies do not provide grants to women to help them start a business. Grants may be available from non-profits and private organizations, however, these are very rare and usually focus on helping minority women and women in economically disadvantaged communities. However, there are a limited number of loans available to specifically to help women start and expand their businesses.”



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