Education Grants for Women

Education grants for women are available from both government and private sources.  (also, see the bottom of the post for scholarship resources)

Education Grants for Women – Source #1 is US Government PELL Grants

The US federal Pell grant is available for students of certain schools, and the FAFSA application for federal student aid can be submitted to determine your eligibility. Women seeking grants for educational purposes should always start by exploring their options fully. The FAFSA is the best way to do this.

Even if you believe that you may not qualify, you might be surprised to learn that you do. The only way to know for sure is to fill out the application paperwork completely and accurately.

Education Grants for Women Source #2 -State Government Grants

Based on your financial need, you may qualify for specific grant programs in your own state.  Find these programs by searching your state government’s main web site, and then looking for “student aid” or “higher education”.

If you have already chosen a school in your state, speak with a guidance counselor there for more specifics.  They will know about the current programs and can recommend how to best proceed.

Education Grants for Women Source #3 – Colleges and Universities

This source of educational grants can be tremendous. The grants and scholarships will vary from school to school.  Sometimes  schools will substitute grants, in place of loans, when they are aggressively seeking particular types of students.

You can’t typically ‘apply’ for these programs and they are not advertised.  It pays to know a lot about each of the schools that you are considering–and the types of students that they want or need to attract.  (This can be a great way to find women’s grants)

Education Grants for Women Source #4 – Know Which Schools Want YOU

TIP:  Target the schools that are likely to want students like YOU, based on income or other factors. This will increase your chances to be offered certain institutional grants. This is a strategy that many prospective students do not think about but it really works well.

It pays, literally, to do your due dilegence and research your potential school(s). Speak with guidance counselors and financial aid officers personally. They can tell you exactly what types of students the school is seeking and exactly what types of grants and scholarships they have in place for making that happen. Be flexible and willing to consider (and attend) schools out of state if you want to have the most financial aid possibilities to choose from.

Education Scholarships Women Who Are Older

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers a scholarship opportunity for two or four year college programs, as well as vocational programs. (no postgraduate studies) The applicant must demonstrate financial need, be over 40 years of age, and meet some other specific criteria.

“AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program began in 2007.  The program is designed to identify women who are most at risk of poverty as they age and award resources for education and re-skilling that will provide the possibility of a more secure retirement. Routinely, AARP Foundation programs target those 50+.  In an effort to increase our ability to assist women who are on a vulnerable economic path, the Foundation targets women 40+ through the Women’s Scholarship Program…” (source:

Find out how to apply by visiting

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