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Student Loans and Educational Grants for Women

Student Loans And Grants for Women – Things to Consider

student loans and grants for womenBefore signing up for any particular sort of financial aid it is a good idea to see a financial aid counselor at the university you are planning to attend. They will have the latest information about what steps you need to take in order to apply for financial aid at that specific universities and unique scholarship or grant opportunities that might be available to you through your state or the college.

Higher education can increase your earnings potential greatly. Financial limitations don’t have to keep you from your goals!



Student Loans and Grants for Women Various Sources

Federal grants for women, such as the PELL grant program

State grant programs

SMART grant program, based on academic aptitudes:

Local government grant programs

Corporate (through your employer)

Non-profit organizations, local and national in scope

Foundations and Endowments

If you meet a specialized type of criteria, there may be additional grant opportunities available to you:

Grants for Single  Moms

Miltary/veteran education grants

Minority women grants for education

Education grants for black women

Education grants for hispanic women

Education grants for Native Americans

Low-Income women education grants

Education grants for disabled women

Education Grants for women over 35 — Jeannette Rankin Foundation. Read related articles on  student loans and grants for women.

Student Loans and Grants for Women – Do You Qualify?