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USA Government Grants – PELL Grant Program

Since President Obama challenged American Moms to return to college in a speech last February, an incredible amount of information AND disinformation is filling the pages of internet sites. Sorting out truth from fiction can be difficult, but we’ve checked credible government and private sources to bring you the most accurate and up to date information available on USA Government Grants for Moms.
The government program that Obama was referring to in his speech was the Federal Pell Grant program. Pell grants represent the most widely available type of grant for undergraduate women students, as well as male students. Currently, about 40% of all undergraduate students receive Pell grant funding. These grants are made available to students who demonstrate financial need, and the wonderful thing about Pell grants is that they never need to be repaid. These facts make them a fantastic option for all Moms, including single and minority Moms.
US Grants for Women and MomsWith college costs up almost 40% from just a decade ago, the need for grants has increased. The Washington Post has reported that the Obama administration is increasing the program to nearly $35 Billion this year, which will make Pell grants more available, and add, on average, about $200 to each grant awarded.
The income levels that define who qualifies have also been reduced, so the grants are now easier than ever to qualify for. Currently, almost 60% of graduates leave college with tuition debt, and the administration is committed to significantly lowering that percentage, as well as reducing the amount of total indebtedness.

In his recent State of the Union speech, the president reiterated his commitment to this increase, calling on Congress to act to revitalize America’s community colleges, where many students get their start. All of this is great news for Moms since they will have wider access to Pell grants to begin or continue their education.


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