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Nursing Scholarships and Grants – Where Are They?

Nursing Scholarships and Grants – Financial Aid Sources

It’s been said that education is ‘the great equalizer’. Those with a college degree have more opportunities for making life more comfortable, in terms of income.

Degrees in the medical field, particularly nursing, can allow you to earn a high income AND fulfill your passion to ‘make a difference’.

Individuals and groups who support low-income, yet deserving students have many  programs to extend monetary support to those entering the medical profession.

Financial aid to attend nursing school comes in many forms, and grants make up only a part:  loans, grants, scholarship programs, and work-study programs.

Private and non-profit groups, plus the government, ensure that a majority of the graduating secondary students will have access to an institution for higher learning.

In other words, if you genuinely want to enter the nursing field, but don’t have the financial means to pay for your education, financial aid is plentiful, if you are persistent and flexible.

Financial aid for women to attend nursing school

Some government organizations require students to serve in the country where they received their scholarship grants, based on the number of years that they received the financial aid assistance.

For some the payback is in the form of working to open new opportunities for students so that they could have access to college education and to higher earnings potential later.

Nursing Scholarships and Grants – Where to Apply

The very first grant program to apply for is the PELL grant. The PELL program is available to women and men who meet income and family contribution criteria.

Another excellent source for nursing scholarships and grants? The school where you will be attending.  Some of these are not well publicized, but a school guidance counselor or financial aid officer should be able to help.

Most branches of the US Military award nursing school scholarships and grants under a work study arrangement.  Typically, you must agree to work in the military as a nurse for an agreed upon period of time after you have completed your studies and training.

Government websites with nursing scholarships and grants information:


www.fafsa.edu.gov (start the PELL grant application process)

www.army.mil/join/ (US Army)


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