College Grants for Women in Texas

College grants for women in Texas are the most sought after types of financial aid for higher education. A college education has become more necessary than ever before in order to be prepared for the drastic changes in today’s work force.

The increased need for education has proportionately increased costs in education. reports that 75% of all college students receive financial aid of one kind or another.

If you are a woman living in Texas, you have several sources of college grants to help with your college expenses. This is money allocated by the federal or state government or private industry and organizations awarded to residents of the state as financial aid for college. Finding grants for your Texas education means that the money will not have to be repaid, so it is very worthwhile to spend the time to find a program that fits.

Most college grants for women in Texas are based on need while others only require that you be a resident of Texas for a certain length of time and maintain an adequate grade point average.

There are some specialized college grants for women in Texas who are studying a certain subject such as dentistry or engineering. This article lists several college grants for women in Texas, their requirements, how and where to apply.

Kenneth A. Ashworth Fellowship Program

The purpose of this program is to provide college grants for women in Texas who have a financial need in order to finish their graduate degree in public administration, public affairs, or public service.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Must be a female student living in Texas
  • Show financial need
  • Enrolled as a graduate student at a Texas, non-profit college or university in public service
  • Plan to work in Texas after graduation.

These college grants for women in Texas can reach up to $2,000. The Deans of the departments of public administration, public affairs and public service in your chosen college can submit applications for two students to the Texas High Education Coordinating Board by February 20 each year.

Education and Training Vouchers for Youths Aging Out of Foster Care

If you are a young woman age 16 to 23 who is leaving or have left the foster care system of Texas to continue your education, you may be eligible for this grant.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Must be a student with a high school diploma or equivalent enrolled in a 2-year associate degree or a 4-year bachelor degree program at a Texas public or private, non-profit college or university.
  • Must be, or have been in the TDFPS foster care program in the State of Texas.

The award amount as one of the college grants for women in Texas covers college expenses and some personal expenses or $5,000 per year whichever is less. Contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for more information.

TEXAS (Towards Excellence, Access and Success) Grant

This program was established as one of the college grants for women in Texas by the state legislature. There are several requirements you must meet to become eligible for the grant, but the main eligibility requirements are:

  •  Must be a resident of Texas
  • Have not been convicted of possession of a controlled substance or a felony.
  • Show financial need
  • A score of 4000 or less for EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
  • Exempt from registering for armed forces

The award amounts vary according to the kind of institution the student attends as of 2010-2011:

  •  $6,780 for public state colleges and universities
  • $1,780 for community colleges
  • $3,150 for technical colleges

The financial aid department at your chosen college will have complete information about the TEXAS Grant as one of the college grants for women in Texas.

The college grants for women in Texas discussed in the article are just a few of the many available scholarships and grants for women in Texas who want to further their education. Most financial aid for college is based on the your residency, having a high school diploma or equivalent, having financial need and the type of college or university you wish to attend.

Nearly 75% of the college students in Texas receive some type of financial aid to attend college. A little research will help you find opportunities for college grants for women in Texas.