College Scholarships for Women

College scholarships for women are specially earmarked to be awarded to women who wish to start or continue a college education. If you are a woman who feels trapped in a minimum-wage job that’s not meeting the needs of your family, but you don’t have the finances to attend college for the chance to make more money, then you are a prime candidate.

Many ask why there are college scholarships for women since we live in a world where men and women have equal opportunity. The fact is, women are not on equal footing with men when it comes to opportunities in certain fields.

Women are believed to be unable to master traditionally male-dominated careers such as science and engineering. Even those women who have entered these fields and have contributed successfully are paid less than their male co-workers.

College Scholarships for Women in Mathematics and Science

Corporations have recognized the fact that women are very capable of entering fields in math, science and engineering and have set up college scholarships for women to encourage them to enter these fields.  UNCF-MERCK Science Research Scholarships and Fellowships, Access Your Future Scholarship and ASEE/NSF Corporate Research Fellowships in Engineering, plus many others, recognize the need to help women further their education in traditionally male fields.

Unfortunately, these scholarships generally target young women just graduating from high school, rather than the non-traditional woman returning to college after several years of absence or who never attended college.  Not to worry—there are college scholarships for women in every field available for women ages 18 to 50 and beyond.

College Scholarships for Women in the Arts

Math and science not your thing? Are you more of the creative type of woman? Then you’ll be glad to know that there are college scholarships for women who are interested in the arts. Artistic organizations such as the National Sculpture Society Inc., Union League Civic and Arts Foundation, College Art Association and the Blanche E. Coleman Trust are just some of the organizations that offer college scholarships to women, to name a few.

How and Where to Find College Scholarships for Women

The Internet has made it possible to find college scholarships for women very easily. Scholarship sites make it simple to find the scholarships you need to get your degree. It’s as simple as going to a site such as, plugging in your personal data, and the site searches and presents to you every possible scholarship in its database for which you may be qualified.

Then it’s just a matter of filling out applications and submitting them to get money for tuition, books, a computer, software and other college supplies. Some college scholarships for women even pay for living expenses and daycare costs.

If you have decided to return to college to get your degree, the last thing you need is to worry about how you’re going to pay for it.  College scholarships will decrease your need for student loans that will make your degree seem like a waste of time when you start paying the loans back. Even if you have very little time to complete scholarship applications, it’s worth it if you receive a $2,500 scholarship renewable every year. That saves you $10,000 plus interest in student loans.  Applying for college scholarships for women is worth the time and effort!

Another way to search out college scholarships for women is to contact the financial aid office at your college or university. They are very familiar and current with every scholarship available. They can help you fill out your first scholarship applications and submit them for you. When you get a scholarship, your college or university receives the funds. They will be glad to help.

There are hundreds of college scholarships for women who want to get a college education. They are easy to find with simple applications to fill out. Some may require that you write an essay, but you can find help with that, too.  Now you know that it is very possible that one of those college scholarships for women is quite possibly waiting to be awarded to YOU.