Where to Find Scholarships for Women Of All Ages

Education Scholarships for Women Over 40 – AARP


Through a corporate partnership with Walmart, Inc., AARP offers an education scholarships for  women over 40 years of age.

The scholarship monies may be used for public and private colleges/universities, as well as vocational/technical programs.

In 2010, this women’s scholarship fund awarded a half million dollars to 200 different recipients across the US.

Applicants must demonstrate true financial need; also, the program is geared towards women in certain types of situations.  Special consideration is given for those women who:

  • are currently in jobs with little opportunity for advancement
  • are caring for children
  • are caring for other family members
  • have been out of the work force for an extended amount of time
  • do not have up to date skills needed for current opportunities

Women who receive the scholarship funds are also assigned a mentor for a period of one year.  The mentor helps to set goals, keep the student motivated and helps to sharpen study skills.

Education Scholarships for Women –  Talbots Scholarship Fund

Talbot’s Inc. (women’s clothing retailer) offers education scholarships for women who have been out of college for more than ten years and did not complete their degree. The scholarship fund is designed to empower women to finish their degrees and open more opportunities for themselves.

Each year the scholarship fund awards $10,000 scholarships to ten women and $1,000 scholarships to 60 women.  The awards are based on financial need and past accomplishments. Applicants must have a high school degree or GED to be eligible. You must be looking to complete a degree at an accredited 2 or 4 year institution. (vocational schools ok)

Talbot’s Education Scholarships for Women Details

  • Award amounts are $15,000 and $30,000
  • Open to women in their late 20’s to over 60
  • All recipients receive a Talbot’s gift card and an Office Depot gift card
  • Financial need must be demonstrated

Learn more here:  Talbots.com

Education Scholarships for Women – Rankin Foundation

The Jeannette Rankin foundation awards scholarships to women over 35 years of age.  Applicants must prove financial hardship and be a US citizen.  Scholarship proceeds may be used at a two year or four year accredited school, trade school or vocational school.

Get details at RankinFoundation.org.

Other Sources – Scholarships for Women

  •  Your Employer. If you work for a large company, check with your HR department about scholarships that might be offered.
  • Your Colllege, University or Vocational School. Always check with your college counselor’s office about scholarships specific to your degree program.
  • Local Civic Groups, such as the Rotary club, Lyon’s Club, etc. may be sources of education scholarships for women. See related articles on education scholarships for women.

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