Grants and Scholarships for Single Moms

 Grants for Moms?


In these challenging economic times, many single parents know that the path to getting out of poverty and debt is to obtain a better paying job.  And one of the proven keys to better employment is education.

For many years, the cost of higher education has continued to rise, while funding for it has stayed flat, making it impossible for many single parents to return to school.  But now things have changed, and single parents have renewed hope of getting the education needed to provide a better future for their families.

Obama Administration Education Funding Initiatives

In 2009 President Obama encouraged adults who have just a high school education to head back to school, with the goal of receiving at least one year of college or vocational training.  To provide incentive, the President also called on Congress to dramatically increase federal funding for grants and scholarships.  Congress responded, and now some high-quality single parent scholarships are available that will enable many to pursue their dreams, advance their education, and help their families to climb out of poverty.

Many of these scholarships are actually in the form of government grants, and some of them are geared specifically for single parents.   One program is the Pell Grant initiative, which is based on financial need, and most single parents qualify.   Funding has increased by about 20%, to a total of $35 Billion for this year.  If you receive a Pell grant, it is renewable each year, with built-in increases to cover the rising cost of tuition.  The current maximum Pell grant is a robust $5,350.

If you have been trapped in the cycle of poverty and debt that has gripped some families for generations, you will be thrilled to discover that there is hope for breaking the cycle, and beginning a new one – one of achievement and prosperity.  (See more about college grants for single mothers…)