Small Business Grants and Loans for Women

Funding is often a problem for any business start-up, but small business grants and loans for women are available, and in greater abundance than some realize. The key is to have patience and perseverance through […]

Understanding FAFSA and FAFSA Eligibility

FAFSA Eligibility Women seeking grants for higher education should always start with the federal Pell grant program. In order to verify your qualifications for the program, you need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for […]

Small Business Grants For Minority Women

Minorities and women in our country are still considered to be “disadvantaged” populations, and as such, the government and independent organizations often give them preference in funding opportunities. I […]

Business Grants for Women- The Truth

When you have a small business, your biggest problem is usually securing funding. Whether you need the money to hire more staff, buy more products to sell, or upgrade your technology, finding money in today’s economy can be very difficult. […]

How to Get Small Business Loans for Women

Running any business in today’s economy is terribly difficult, and if you are a woman, it is even more so. Women-owned businesses are more apt to fail because of the many other responsibilities that many woman have and because of the lack of support, both financial and otherwise, that they receive. […]

Grants and Scholarships for Single Moms

 Grants for Moms?   In these challenging economic times, many single parents know that the path to getting out of poverty and debt is to obtain a better paying job.  And one of the proven […]

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