Scholarships for Women Who Are Single Parents

College Scholarships For Single Parents – A Closer Look

By Jennifer A. Gardner

It’s quite important  for a single parent to avail scholarships for single parents  as obtaining  a college degree  so she can get a high paying jobs to  support her  family financially.  However,  for some parents, going to college is just too expensive. To end your dilemma, several programs are offering scholarships for single parents.

Scholarships for Single Parents Options

There are number of programs available to assist single parents in improving their educational standards. For lone parent considering such prospects, you have a number of options with you.


Avail Scholarships for Single Parents in National Pell Grant Program

The National Pell grant program is established to support low and middle income single parents to study in college. Their grants ranges starting from $400 up to $4,300 depending on your income and family strength.

The college you want to attend will require you to submit a full financial statement. Your income will be greater as you are the single bread winner for a family unit of 4 rather than living alone. FAFSA is the standard form used for this purpose by all the schools which provide financial support. To run this program with uniform justice these forms are standardized and in this way all the institutions can judge the applicants in an equal manner. All you have to do is to select your school, apply on the form and if you are on the merit you can start off.


Student Loan Option

scholarships for single parentsStudent loan is another way to finance studies for single parents. These low interest loans are supportive as they usually have minimum interest rate and return of payments are postponed till graduation or if you are unable to attend the compulsory number of hours. If you are looking for the loan it is mandatory to be careful about the terms and conditions. If you are unaware about the terms, try getting some assistance first. Most of these are mandatory to return and you cannot get rid of student loans by filing bankruptcy. Adding up of interest will result in piling up of hundreds of dollars to be paid back. Private student loans are one such type of loan in which there are variable interest rates, moreover the terms are not as good as standard federal student loans. Also Assists Scholarhips for Single Parents

A number of single parents decide to return to college and a number of adult scholarships are available to support them. You need not pay to look for these scholarships as you can get the help of certain non profit organizations. These agencies are available allover the country. One such agency is which mainly looks after residents of North Carolina. Similar websites assist scholarships for single parents as well as other students to find student scholarships.

In general a large number of single parents decide to resume the college either to acquire a degree or to get a higher qualification. The aim is to increase their job prospects. Pell grant, student loans and adult scholarships are all viable options for low or middle income single parents. Some options out of these are for specific groups such as single mothers. The idea is to use as much free assistance as possible to find the best option and then to look for the correct place to find it. This is where admission offices of various schools come to your help as they are keener to teach committed adults as compared to non serious young ones. What’s matters  most  is your determination to finish your studies whatever   scholarships for single parents option you may choose.


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