Top Three Sources for Women’s Business Grants Money

Are there legitimate women’s business grants available? Women business owners in need of funding and capital to start or expand a business venture have a confusing amount of sources to consider.

FACT: Federal government grants for specific individuals and specific business ventures DO NOT EXIST, contrary to many false things that are repeated on tv, radio and on the Internet.

However, the federal government DOES have some excellent loan programs to fit many unique situations.  Our research has uncovered the following resources for women’s business grant money (or ways to benefit from federal grant money, with your woman-owned business).

Women’s Business Grants – List of Resources

1.  State Government Agencies

That’s right–your own backyard may be the very best opportunity for women’s business grants money. Remember, although the federal government does NOT give grants to individuals and businesses, many states and local government agencies are the recipients of federal grant money for specific projects in your state.

Plug into this grant money by becoming a contractor/provider for services and goods related to these projects.  Examples:

  • Energy efficient technologies
  • Workforce training
  • Marketing and promotion for tourism

2.  Local Government Agencies

See #1 above.  Government does not hand out womens business grants money directly to business owners.  BUT, if you can be flexible and create solutions for local projects that receive their funding from the state or federal government, then you have found a way for your business to make more money!

Find out how to bid on and win contracts for federal, state and local government agencies by visiting and

3. Self-Help.Org (not grants, but flexible and unique loans)

“Self-Help is a community development lender, credit union, and real estate developer that works with individuals, organizations and communities traditionally underserved by conventional markets. “

The money for these programs come from deposits, grants, and other investments made by individuals and institutions across the United States.


Self-Help and Self-Help Federal Credit Unions offer car loans, ATMs, credit cards, home equity loans, debit cards, checking accounts, and  teller services in more than a dozen communities in North Carolina and California.

More about women’s business grants

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